One Period, One Match, One Dual, One Team - Home of Phillipsburg  HS Wrestling 

Congratulations Liners on beating Howell HS 51-8 for the Group 5 State Title! State Championship #23 and counting....
Congratulations Liners on beating Watchung Hills HS 70-10 for  their 1000 Dual Match Win  all-time and counting....
Congratulations  Liners District  10 Champs, #48 all-time and counting.
Congratulations  James Day on win 100th  all-time  and counting...

Established in 1946 Pburg Wrestling is Home to:
11 'Pug' Awards - Voted #1 team in NJ 
23 Group State Titles
48 District Titles
39 Sectional  Titles
1,014 Dual Match Wins and counting